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Viagra Associated with Increased Risk of Melanoma

Men who take by Viagra (sildenafil) are 84 percent more likely to develop melanoma than [...]


Instrument inserted through the urethra and used by a urologist to cut out tissue (usually [...]

proton therapy

Proton therapy is a type of radiation therapy which delivers a beam of protons to [...]

prostatic acid phosphatase (PAP)

An enzyme produced by the prostate. It may be found in increased amounts in men [...]

prostate gland

A gland in the male reproductive system just below the bladder. The prostate surrounds part [...]

Tips & Inspiration

Bring on the Happy

In her new book, Valorie Burton shares happiness “triggers” and encourages women to pay forward [...]

Lay the Foundation for Healthy Skin

Proper skin care is the first step in successful acne and rosacea treatment. By Diane [...]

YOGA Is for Every Body

Yoga teacher Colleen Saidman Yee says that the transformative benefits of yoga are available to [...]

Ask the Doctor: Genomic Testing

By Darren Wheeler, MD Q: What is genomic testing? A: Genomic testing looks at a [...]

Ask the Dr. Understanding Erectile Dysfunction: What Women Should Know

Erectile dysfunction is an issue for a large number of men. Eric J. Margolis, MD, [...]

Know The Early Warning Signs of Cancer

Q I hear a lot about common symptoms—breast lumps, unusual bleeding, changes in a skin [...]

Cancer Patient Nick Auden Dies While Fighting Drug Companies for Treatment

I just received some heartbreaking news: Nick Auden, the focus of the worldwide Save Locky’s [...]