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Proton Beam Therapy May Improve Outcomes for Esophageal Cancer

Currently a standard treatment for several gastrointestinal cancers (GI) combines the use of chemotherapy and [...]

Addition of Temodar® to Radiation in Glioma: New Standard of Care

The addition of the chemotherapy agent, Temodar® (temozolomide), to radiation therapy has demonstrated a huge [...]

Roswell Park Researchers Offer Novel Insight into Genetic Changes Leading to Cancer

Findings may lead to personalized prognostic tests for blood disorders Predisposition to cancer and cancer [...]

Comprehensive Study of Esophageal Cancer Reveals Several Molecular Subtypes, Provides New Insight into Increasingly Prevalent Disease

A comprehensive analysis of 559 esophageal and gastric cancer samples, collected from patients around the [...]

Many Early Onset Colon Cancers are Caused by Genetic Mutations Passed Through Families

One in every six colorectal cancer patients (16 percent) diagnosed under age 50 has at [...]

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Defying Age… And Cancer?

Certain new anti-aging skin treatments may have cancer prevention benefits. By Heather Stringer At 45 [...]

Myeloproliferative Neoplasms

Cancer Connect MPN Community Cancer Connect MPNCommunity provides current, comprehensive, reliable information on PV, ET, and [...]

Metastatic Breast Cancer: Progress and Hope

By Jennifer Murar-Maxon, RN, BSN As cancer treatment enters a new era of personalized medi­cine, [...]

Personalized Medicine: Access Is Power

Personalized medicine has the potential to save women’s lives, but not if they can’t access [...]

Unmasking the Genetics of Early Heart Disease

Catching familial hypercholesterolemia early can save lives  By Heather Stringer Katherine Wilemon was 15 when [...]

Cancer Genomic Testing is Revolutionizing Personalized Cancer Care

You’ve probably heard of genetic testing for cancer susceptibility, but the more recent and broader [...]

Why A Second Opinion is Important after a Diagnosis of Cancer?

A second opinion is an important part of becoming educated about your cancer and your [...]