Headline News

CART Therapy Promising in Lymphomas

The use of a patient’s own immune cells to fight cancer through a technique called [...]

Gastric Cancer Risk Factors You Need to Know

Successful treatment for stomach or gastric cancer starts with early detection. Most cases of stomach [...]

Halaven Approved for Liposarcoma

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the chemotherapy agent Halaven (eribulin) [...]

Should all Breast Cancer Patients Be Treated With the Bone Health Drug Xgeva®?

The bone health agent Xgeva® (denusomab) appears to delay the time to cancer progression and [...]

Colorectal Cancer: Year in Review

After several years of exciting developments in colorectal cancer research and therapy, progress continued throughout [...]

Tips & Inspiration

Cold Season Primer

Cold symptoms can lead to uncertainty about treatment and progression. Read on for cold season [...]

Nutritional Needs during Cancer Treatment

Expert insight into eating well during cancer treatment By Cara Anselmo, MS, RDN, CDN Although [...]

Cancer Survivorship: Creative Therapies

By Barrie Cassileth, PhD Creativity is inherently therapeutic, whether we are making something ourselves or [...]

Plant Based Diets- A Modern Way to Eat

Plant-based dishes are the stars of this collection of practical, delicious recipes by Anna Jones [...]

Goal Setting for Long-term Wellness

Setting goals can help you achieve long-term, positive changes in your health and well-being. By [...]

PTSD Common for Soldiers and Cancer Patients

  By: Jamie Reno My heroes have always been war veterans. And cancer patients. When [...]

Cancer Patients and the Internet: A Rocky but Lifesaving Relationship

By: Jamie Reno As cancer patients, we sometimes take the Internet for granted. We act [...]