CancerConnect is a unique online network for people with all types of cancer and their caregivers. The CancerConnect dedicated social network provides a safe and secure environment for individuals with cancer and their caregivers to learn, support, and connect with others facing a new diagnosis or recurrence of cancer.  CancerConnect is used by the top U.S. cancer centers which allows its over 50,000 members to connect with other patients being treated by some of the best cancer doctors where they can learn about the most innovative treatments.

CancerConnect provides information and support from diagnosis through survivorship. There are currently over 60 CancerConnect "groups" including leukemia, lymphoma, breast, colon, lung, and prostate cancer and rare tumors. Get support and learn about Immunotherapy, CAR T, Stem Cell Transplant, and clinical trial participation from individuals who have been there.

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