Dear Friends,

We have partnered with Omni Health Media to provide you with the opportunity to network through a community of other survivors, caregivers and advocates with the addition of access to information from the cancer experts at the OSUCCC – James.

As an organization focused on creating a cancer-free world, we are here to help you find support and information to help you or your loved ones fight this complex disease.

You have registered to be a part of The James CancerConnect community, but you will have access to people just like you from all over the nation. We want to give you the opportunity to tap into the conversations and gain knowledge through the experiences of others who may have a similar diagnosis, surgical options, treatment plan, or be on a similar clinical trial as you or your loved one, even if they are receiving their treatment by a different doctor, in another part of the country.

You can choose how you would like to experience this site.

I only want to post to The James community wall:

When you registered, you became a part of The James’ network community and you can post to (write on) The James’ wall. You don't need to join a disease-specific community to be a part of our community. At times, we will have a James physician expert moderate a discussion in the community about issues that may be of interest or concern for you or your loved one.

I want to post to The James community wall and the national community:

If you choose (click on) a specific type of cancer or support community from the menu, you will be joining a nationwide group. Omni Health will be offering well-known individuals who have been touched by cancer as guest moderators to these communities. You will be able to share your experience, ask questions, or just observe the conversations between these moderators and the national community.

We thank you for joining our community and we ask you to share this community with your friends and loved ones, as well as with other cancer survivors. We welcome all cancer survivors – you do not need to be a patient of The James to join us. Our wish is that you will find a community here that enhances your cancer treatment, helps speed or ease your recovery, answers questions, provides resources and, ultimately, alleviates some of your fear and improves your quality of life.